Locations and use

Land. Gardens, Woods and shoreline. Flat roofs in cities, Lochs, Lakes, Canals and Rivers

The AirShip can be used as a home, office, workshop, hideaway, classroom, bothy or holiday rental accommodation. It is also potentially suitable for flat roofs in cities, subject to loading confirmation.

With floats it can also be used on waterways, lochs or lakes.

It can be placed in a garden subject to local planning regulations, but has been specifically designed below the 4000mm height restriction.

In Scotland, providing it can be removed between October and March, it is permitted to have up to three AirShips for rent providing you own at least 2 acres of land.

The AirShip can have wheels to permit movement. The AirShip can be supplied with just the basic insulated shell for you to equip,  or complete with fixtures and fittings as described.

It will be delivered to the nearest road access and our Managing Erector  and assistant will put it up on your prepared site.

We are developing the 6000mm model at present and this will have two bedrooms and a substantial living space.

*Wider Model under development.

*Wider Model under development.