The Living area.

The sofa in the saloon can be converted to a 1500mm x 2000mm double bed, or a double bunk. Other features include a Clearview Pioneer woodstove with twin wall insulated flue; an island worktop with shelves; two built in shelf/cupboards; galley worktop and sink; a refrigerator and propane gas cooker if required. It is possible to use the woodstove top for limited cooking. Main entrance door in timber.

The Bedroom

The full size double bed with storage underneath, can convert to a double bunk and there is a wall mounted shelf/cupboard unit. There is ample space for a table, two small occasional chairs, and/or an additional child’s mattress if needed. There is another door direct to the outside.



For stand alone locations without mains power or water,  the woodstove can be fitted with a back boiler for hot water for washing and showers. This  also needs a hot water storage cylinder and a 24v electric pump. Alternatives are a thermal solar system or a gas heater running on propane. The AirShip roof is designed to collect rainwater which is gravity fed into storage containers under the floor.

The AirShip can have photovoltaic electric panels and batteries, or a small Honda petrol generator, or a combination of the two.

In most cases waste water can be run into a simple soakaway as there is no contaminating sewage and the water would have fallen on the ground as rain in any case!

For locations which have mains water and electricity the AirShip can be supplied witha Mira wall mounted electric shower, and under sink water heater.

The high performance, well-proved compost toilet by Separet, needs little attention and has a 24v fan running continuously to prevent smell. Every now and again the internal container is removed and replaced by another one. The composted contents can be safely spread round fruit trees or on the land.

Sometimes, if convenient,  it may be appropriate to run all waste into an existing septic system and in this case a conventional flush toilet is suitable.